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Video Jeet is a 100% automated video blogging tool that operates on your desktop computer or VPS. Feed in a few keywords, and get limitless video content for your blogs permanently. Create unlimited traffic in any specific niche, and direct it anywhere you desire. Grab leads, promote deals, turn high quality organic traffic into cash quickly! Set it up when, and enjoy traffic permanently without having to press any button or change anything once again.

Countless producers, spending hours and hours to research study and get the current trending keywords, and you are able to tap into them through just some core keywords that open all the others that you can never even consider.

Take a look at Video Jeet 2 Features now here:

- Autoposts videos on Facebook & Twitter.
- Pings leading online search engine on the vehicle. Free blog sites on Blogger, Tumblr, Livejournal can get you totally free traffic without having to invest a cent.
- Auto develop premium backlinks to any website.
- Earn through adsense, affiliate deals or redirect traffic to your loan making sites.
- Schedule your posts and put your needed gap between posts.

True push-button service. Set it up, click it once and forget it. No need to utilize every video jeet 2 day.
100% natural traffic from search engines. High quality and highly pertinent to your specific niche.
One-time setup, and after that runs permanently on automated.
Desktop software works on your PC or windows VPS, no inconvenience of IP purchase or loss of control.
Easy to utilize and setup even for newbies. Nothing to master or deal with every day.
Curate videos for any keyword and for any niche.
Universal: Posts to WordPress, Blogger blog sites, Tumblr or Livejournal
Follow channels and automatically curate their most current videos.
Customize title, text, or tags according to your requirements.

Whatever in Video Jeet 2 can be customized inning accordance with your choice. You can set up customized periods in between posts, customize blog site Get More Information descriptions and titles, modification keywords. It's all in your hands. Video Jeet instantly transforms the keywords targeted by YouTube videos to hashtags when it posts to Facebook and Twitter. You get unrestricted traffic from Hashtags without doing anything! Video Jeet uses the licensed APIs to make posts and you can use any style or setup for your blog sites. It will work with your pre-existing themes too. Absolutely nothing to change on your blogs!

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